The second of my two childhood stuffed animals, this is Beany Kitty. Or just Beany for short.

I’ve posted about him before. He was the absolute first stuffed animal I ever made. When I was a kid, my step-sister had a stuffed cat that she liked to play with. Then my sister got a stuffed cat from a garage sale. The two of them were always playing together with their cats and I got completely left out since I had no cat stuffed animal.

I came crying to my grandma letting her know how much I wanted a stuffed cat. So she took me to her sewing room and we made one together. I drew her a cat, she showed me how to turn it into simple pattern pieces, I cut it out, she sewed it up, and then we stuffed it. It is stuffed with fabric scraps and actual beans from her pantry (hence the name Beany). I gave him a very handsome bowtie from scrap fabric, a nose, and green felt eyes.

Ever since my grandmother passed away Beany has become even more dear to me as both a reminder of her and the craft we shared together.